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Thyroid Treatment in Buffalo Grove

Get to the Root Cause of Your Thyroid Symptoms

Why Patients Love Working With Dr. Granat

  • Treats the Root Cause - Not the Symptoms!

    Finally understand the underlying causes of your depression, lack of energy, brain fog and weight issues.

  • Personalized Treatment Plan

    Unique treatment plan tailored to your specific symptoms, blood work and medical history.

  • All Natural Treatment - No Drugs, Hormones or Surgery

    Treatment based on dietary changes, nutritional supplements and vitamins. Say goodbye to all those meds and side effects!

  • Passionate and Caring

    You’ll be with a doctor that truly cares about achieving real, lasting results for each patient.

What Can You Expect When You Work With Dr. Granat?

1. Book Your Free Phone Consultation

To start, book a FREE no obligation phone consult with Dr. Granat where he'll answer all your questions and give you a better understanding of how he can help you.

2. Initial Visit - Full Assessment

This will be a 60-90 minute visit where he will do a full assessment of your symptoms, blood, diet, medical history and current medications. This is the chance for him to really get to know you so he can personalize your treatment plan. After your visit, you will feel like you're finally on your way to feeling better again.

3. Thyroid Treatment Plan - Just For You

Dr. Granat will then create a personalized, natural treatment plan based on specific dietary changes, nutritional supplements and vitamins. You will finally have a treatment plan where you will notice real results.

4. Follow Up Visits - With You Every Step of the Way

What would it feel like knowing your doctor truly cares about you and is always there? Dr. Granat prides himself on going above and beyond and his passion shines through to the care and long-term results he achieves for his patients.

After starting your treatment, you'll continue meeting with Dr. Granat to track your progress, make adjustments and make sure you're getting results.

Finally Get Relief for Your Thyroid Symptoms

Philosophy Behind Dr. Granat's Approach

Treat the Root Cause, Not the Symptoms

Traditional medicine treats only the symptoms. So your doctors might have prescribed a slew of medications that often have no effect or make you feel worse.

Dr. Granat focuses on finding the underlying root cause of your symptoms. Using functional medicine principles, he does a full examination of your blood work, symptoms and diet to really understand the root cause. Imagine finally knowing what's the root cause of all your symptoms!

Use Nutrition to Treat Your Thyroid Symptoms

Proper nutrition can have a dramatic effect on your thyroid symptoms, weight and how you feel day to day. Dr. Granat's advanced nutrition training helps him create a personalized nutrition plan that will work for you. No fad diets or untested theories. Just sound nutrition based on hard scientific data, all personalized for your specific symptoms, age and lifestyle.

No Drugs, Hormones or Surgery

Traditional medicine focuses on injecting your body with artificial drugs or having expensive surgery to deal with your symptoms.

Dr. Granat uses an all-natural approach, with nutritional supplements and vitamins to complement your dietary changes - all backed up by scientific data and the thousands of patients that have already experienced real results.

The Answers Are in Your Blood

Unlike traditional doctors that only look at minimal or no blood tests, Dr. Granat uses his extensive training in nutrition and functional medicine to order very specific blood tests, meant to give you a more holistic diagnosis of your thyroid symptoms. By doing proper blood work, Dr. Granat will give you real insight to your thyroid symptoms and create a personalized treatment plan.

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